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The SIT Student Association is the recognized collective voice of the students.

The purpose of SITSA shall be:
1. Advocate for the SIT student body on such issues as student programs, student life, diversity and community.
2. Plan and/or implement and/or finance a varied program of student activities (in collaboration with DOSS when appropriate)
3. Ensure continuity of student representation, i.e work toward achieving progress on long-term or repeated concerns voiced in previous years by SITSA or other representative student organizations.
4. Responsibly disperse budget.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Questions for SODEXO Meeting


Dining Hall:

  • What will Sodexo do to ensure high quality meals for gluten free, vegetarian and vegan diners?

  • Will Sodexo commit to using menu/recipe suggestions from students?

  • Who is holding Sodexo accountable for the source of the food? - Food Committee?

  • How are local, organic and fair trade foods included in the contract?

  • What are Sodexo's plans for El Cafe? - in terms of products and developing the space?

Facilities/House Keeping:

  • What are Sodexo's plans for Facilities and House Keeping? - will they continue to use Green Products? (paper & cleaning)

  • Will Sodexo continue to use the composting system that is in place?


  • What are the terms of the contract? Can we see it/have it on file?

  • What control will World Learning maintain over staff's employment? benefits & salary...?

    • Is this different for Food Services vs Facilities? And if so…How?

  • We, as students, deserve transparency regarding the savings this contract provides SIT/World Learning, INCLUDING any bonuses or allotments resulting from signing of the contract

  • What are the conditions of the capital contribution?

    • Is it structured like a loan?

    • Is it a gift with no strings?

    • Does it extend the contract until paid off?

    • Does the gift interfere with our ability to remove them for not being able to deliver service/savings?

  • Who can we talk to if the Sodexho Managers are a poor fit (ie: abrasive, abusive, sexist, racist?) or if we notice things not being managed according to contract?

  • Can we put "commitment to all the SIT/World Learning Values (explicitly stated) in the contract? This point of service will use sustainable and green services whenever possible, if it is not a green option, an explicit supplier search much be conducted, and the product list must be approved by a fleet of SD students.

  • What are the aesthetic contributions Sodexo plans to make?

  • Will they be willing to use 'unbranded' uniforms and signage?

  • Can they make "Peoples History of the United States" or similar required reading for all management level employees? (srsly - its an customer interface thing - I met the new El Cafe Manager, and by golly wow, he's got some privilege to work through.)

For SIT:

  • Can students who remain on campus be given an option to not buy the meal plan?

    • Is there any way for students who remain on campus to be provided with a communal cooking area?

  • Can students who move off campus get out of their housing contract without paying the $450 fee?

If so….

  • How do we keep the ‘opt out’ option PERM for incoming students? It's important they have the ability to divorce themselves from financially contributing to Sodexo. This is a good step in moving forward to keep our historical memory more vibrant and current.

    • It's imperative current students do not fade away, while new students come into a situation left without nurture from the resistance we have started.

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