SIT Student Association

The SIT Student Association is the recognized collective voice of the students.

The purpose of SITSA shall be:
1. Advocate for the SIT student body on such issues as student programs, student life, diversity and community.
2. Plan and/or implement and/or finance a varied program of student activities (in collaboration with DOSS when appropriate)
3. Ensure continuity of student representation, i.e work toward achieving progress on long-term or repeated concerns voiced in previous years by SITSA or other representative student organizations.
4. Responsibly disperse budget.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

January 20, 2011 Meeting



Meeting Minutes

  1. Spring I meetings will take place Thursdays at 5:30

  1. January/SJ Reps

  • Kirstin will present to Foundations class on Monday, January 24

  • Vote ASAP

  • Annie will email SJ workstudy student to remind them to vote

  1. Campus Awareness

  • Board needs updating! Will do when we have all reps

  • TEDx promoting should start early

  • Patricia wants to meet with SITSA once a month, expect an email from her

  • Annie will update blog with past meeting minutes

  1. Coffee Hours

  • Mexico/Turkey trips present on experience

  • Maggie will contact Student Activities about possible partnerships

  • MAT/PIM mixer when MAT students return, present on their experiences

  1. Town Halls

  • Contact Communications Committee

  • During All Campus Time

  • Possible Dates: March 15 or 22 and May 3 or April 26

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