SIT Student Association

The SIT Student Association is the recognized collective voice of the students.

The purpose of SITSA shall be:
1. Advocate for the SIT student body on such issues as student programs, student life, diversity and community.
2. Plan and/or implement and/or finance a varied program of student activities (in collaboration with DOSS when appropriate)
3. Ensure continuity of student representation, i.e work toward achieving progress on long-term or repeated concerns voiced in previous years by SITSA or other representative student organizations.
4. Responsibly disperse budget.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

December 14, 2010 Meeting



Meeting Minutes

In attendance: Tanya, Liz, Ria, Kirstin, Maggie, Jamie and Laura (IE subs for Catherine)

  1. Assign Time Keeper: Tanya

  1. Assign Minute Taker: Maggie

  2. Position Check-in:

  • Tanya: Sent letter to David, Tony, Jane, and Janet in response to last week's discussion about sexual harassment on campus.

    • Responses were positive: Jane said report to Tony or any counseling staff; If you confide in any faculty, staff, or RA, they should know to go to Tony with concerns

    • Tony will post directory of staff phone numbers and display by phones

    • David and Donna will check lights and assess the lighting situation

    • We will also email all students with the information Jane provided, with specific attention to making sure off campus students know these services are for them too

  • Ria: nothing back from Alpha (Maggie just sent him, David, and Tony an email about it)

  • Liz: Did survey for the MATs

    • more speakers for MAT community, especially TESOL experts

    • clarity/availability of services, SITSA unknown

    • general feelings of being outcasts at SIT

    • Top-down administrative decision making is a problem

    • writing lab needs more MAT representatives and more resources in general

      1. Item: Flags need to be updated to include all countries represented at SIT

        • could we have a flag raising ceremony to promote unity?

      1. January Orientation: Ria, Catherine and Maggie will meet to talk about SITSA's involvement in orientation for January starts.

      1. Sodexo contract: Accountability contract has been offered by Sodexo if there is student interest. Talk to food committee and Communications Committee to discuss the logistics

      • Keene State already has accountability infrastructure. Contact them if possible, Emily Davis or Katie Homer about connections


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