SIT Student Association

The SIT Student Association is the recognized collective voice of the students.

The purpose of SITSA shall be:
1. Advocate for the SIT student body on such issues as student programs, student life, diversity and community.
2. Plan and/or implement and/or finance a varied program of student activities (in collaboration with DOSS when appropriate)
3. Ensure continuity of student representation, i.e work toward achieving progress on long-term or repeated concerns voiced in previous years by SITSA or other representative student organizations.
4. Responsibly disperse budget.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

November 16th Meeting Notes

Kristen, Annie, Ria, Tony, Maggie, Chomba, Catherine, Erin

Marto, Jess, Heidi, Jose, Alpha, Anita

Timekeeper: Chomba

Position Check-in:

  • No MAT representation currently. The MATs are struggling to find replacement representatives. Hopefully they'll figure it out by after Thanksgiving. Only four certs so it's difficult to find someone who wants to be.

  • SITSA will not meet next week.

  • Maggie's going to help fill-in with the Communications co-President position

  • Need to think about what our co-presidency positions are like, do we need to change, do more, do less.

  • Ria update: Erin Murphy returned receipts for $33, so it's taken out of our budget

  • Approved the money for Doris, but Donna would rather have it painted on a canvas. Doris doesn't want to do it on canvas. Ria will ask Doris to talk to Donna.

Funding Requests

  • Marto's request for Thanksgiving potluck dinner $200

  • Alpha: spoke with Veejay, he's willing to come and is available. Requesting $500

  • Jose: asking for $400 for speaker

Debrief of Town Hall

Heidi debriefed us about a student meeting with Adam Weinberg. Apparently Adam said his staff was going to be working with SITSA.

Jason suggested a fishbowl kind of.

Groups Formed:

Lauren Thrift – Communications

Kiera – Staff Support

Maggie's going to email the groups that were formed last night

The Direct action group is going to contact Josh from the press.

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