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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Jose Alfaro's Funding Request


Jose E. Alfaro
SIT Graduate Institute
PIM 70 / SLM

Proposal for Speaking Engagement

One King’s Mission
Featuring: Rev. William “King Mission” Ross

The world we live in is one that has undergone change on astronomical levels. The last decade has continued this change, but has done so with unprecedented advances in technology. As a result, it can be argued that the planet itself has shrunken to a point where the community must now be defined as humanity. With this said, I am proposing that the student body of SIT Graduate Institute invite Rev. William Ross (also known as King Mission) to share with us his experiences as he has extensive experience in working with street organizations, has created and manages nonprofit organizations that focus on cultural education, became ordained as an Afro-Cuban priest in Havana, Cuba and then as an interfaith minister here in the United States, and understands that all things are connected.

From the perspective of
Social Justice and International Education, Rev. Ross focuses on combating the criminalization of a generation. A known member of the Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation, he has taken his experiences and has focused his energies on providing educational resources for members of street organizations and young people as a whole. Through such mediums as the published work entitled "The Globalization of the ALKQN" and, Rev. Ross reaches a population that has grown to become an easy target for law enforcement to harass as well as non-affiliated citizens to wrongfully judge. Most recently Rev. Ross has lead the internal efforts against the recent actions of what we know now to be eleven misguided youths in the Bronx, NY where two allegedly homosexual individuals were tortured and beaten.

From the perspective of
Service Leadership and Management, Rev. Ross owns and operates several nonprofit organizations that rely solely on the contributions of its executive board and not government grants. Operating under the leadership model best described as "Servant Leadership", Rev. Ross
not only invites and inspires others to join the front lines; he actively exists there.

From the perspective of
Conflict Transformation, Rev. Ross has traveled overseas (Portugal, Spain, Italy, Puerto Rico, and The Dominican Republic) to address the issues of globalization as they relate to the culture we know as "Hip-Hop" and street politics organizations, and how issues such as immigration and social services play into the management of crime and violence, the practice of culture, and the
overall process of adolescence. Rev. Ross' also works with youth who are convinced that the only manner with which their voices can and would be heard would be through violence. This in turn allows him to transform conflict into consciousness and community empowerment.

In summation Rev. Ross’ work and experience is one that is diverse and touches on a number of fields that we here at SIT are studying. As a student, I’m sure that our body would be interested in seeing how our degrees can be intertwined and also practiced in a manner that not only serves our immediate community, but the international community at large.


Discourse Applicable:

Service Leadership and Management
Sustainable Development
Conflict Transformation
International Education
Social Justice

Date of Presentation:

Because Rev. Ross is booked for the remainder of this scholastic school year, he has propose that he present in the Spring II Session in February, as he has expressed that his availability will be more feasible. I also propose that the presentation take place after dinner to maximize student turnout.


Honorarium: $500

Flight: $300

Hotel (1 night): $150

Estimated Total: $950

Because “One King’s Mission” is a presentation that accommodates the interests of various focal groups and majors; I am request that the budgeted total costs be divided by sponsors at a $200 contribution from each community’s budget.

*All costs except honorarium are estimated costs and may vary from the time of acceptance of the above proposal as flight and hotel tickets may differ from month to month. Honorarium is also subject to negotiation.


The Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation:

Despierta Boricua:

Levantate Latino:

Ministry Ashe:

Literature: Mission, K. (2009). The globalization of the alkqn. Arizona: Lulu.

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